The Patient

Need a dentist, specialist, Lab or clinic? Simply use the multiple and friendly search options.

The Dentist

Finely….A site were you can advertise your practice or clinic affordably and effectively.

The Dental Lab

Affordably advertise your lab and your specialties on one platform.

Dental Companies

Advertise yourself, your products and services, all on one listing page. For everyone to see and enquire.

Other Goods and Services

Dentists, clinics and even the dental suppliers needs a lot of other services as well. Plumbing, electrics, etc.


Be the pharmacy around the corner and list your pharmacy for all dental and medical prescriptions.

Hallo, I’m Dennis the Dentist.

A platform where the patient, dentist, dental laboratory and the dental supply companies can interact and stay informed at the same time.

Dennis the Dentist is a web based listing platform for Dentists and anyone in the dental industry and service providers to the industry to list their business/practice or service. The platform also allows the subscribers to advertise in a classifieds section and/or list special offers, events, vacancies and partake in different blog discussions. The Business listings are free of charge for anyone that wishes to list their business/practice or services. (All listings will need to be approved by Dennis the Dentist (PTY) LTD before publishing.) The remainder of the advertising categories are chargeable. The listing process is available in two options. Firstly, the subscriber has the option to create the listing or advertisement on their own by following the automated online steps and choosing their payment option/plan. Secondly, the subscriber can simply email their wording, pictures etc. to the provided email address and the listing will be created for them manually. (There is no extra charge for manual listings.)